Welcome to the wiki map! We have locations for wiki support, chatting, and reporting vandalism. We also have a suggestion area for certain templates to be added, a navigation portal, and much more.

The MapEdit


The Building is now finished. Ask us administrators for questions. It is located here.

Wiki Feature Suggestions RoomEdit

The room you are seeking is not yet available.

Speakers CentralEdit

Click the icon to start the conversation! Forum new

The Story PortalEdit

Currently building.

Character PortalEdit

When the first part of the story is finished.

Game Info RoomEdit

We need data.

Vandalism Report RoomEdit

We are still building the room.

School of RulesEdit

Orienting you with the wikis rules, its still building.

The KIXEYE ForumsEdit

It is located here.

Alpha Industries, the local guide giverEdit

The towns best guide giver is right here!

Alpha industries

Drullkus Industries, photoshopping since the 21st centuryEdit

He is busy... So not now.

Pokler Zeon Incorporated, the photoshop that makes you dropEdit

Requests are open! Message them for photos in BYM. Just dont take it too far...


Navigation PortalEdit

We are building the portal that you seek.


They are preparing their instruments, so wait.

Music RoomEdit

We are constructing the building you seek.